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Residential Dumpster Rental

Tricounty Dumpster: Find the Way Back in Highland, MI

You relocated to Highland, MI to live a hassle-free life. A huge house renovation doesn’t have to overwhelm you. With dumpsters for rent near you, get back to the lifestyle you enjoy faster!

Doing some major work in Highland, MI?

Highland is where you live, work, and play. It’s supposed to be your sanctuary.  As a homeowner with a big project on their plate, getting back to normal is top of mind. Good news: you can easily go back to the basics by renting a dumpster to haul away the mess!

Rubber wheeled dumpster

Tricounty Dumpster will be there to get you back on track. We’re here to help you return to normal after a substantial home renovation, DIY project, or major event. From dumpster placement to removal, we’re here to make getting back to your day-to-day after a huge makeover easier.

Tricounty provides rubber wheeled dumpsters for rent, so you’ll have a convenient location to store all of the items you’re getting rid of. You may not be able to give everything away or throw it out yourself, so where are you going to put it? If you’re doing some huge work, you don’t want it becoming an eyesore and annoying your neighbors!

That’s why Tricounty Dumpster is committed to providing the ideal container for your project. From the initial phone call or email to removal when you’re done, our aim is to make your home project, renovation, demolition, or other endeavor as painless and as customized to your unique needs as possible.

Unparalleled customer service

Tricounty Dumpster will be there for you every step of the way, from deciding on the proper unit to laying out a rental strategy. We’ll figure out where your dumpster should go to reduce any impact on your property. Working with you to go form “before” to “after,” as smoothly as possible.

A personal touch

Between changing your furniture, remodeling, moving in or out of your home, and more, there are many aspects to consider when renting a dumpster because no job is the same. As a result, Tricounty Dumpster offers hands-on assistance on every job.

All guidance, no damage

Dumpsters have the potential to wreck your driveway over time, leaving you with more of a mess to clean than before. That’s why we don’t only consider how near our dumpsters are to your home renovation project when we deliver your dumpster to you and collect it after you’re done. Our rubber-tired waste bins are built with the goal of avoiding damage to your driveway in mind.

Return to your community faster in Highland, MI

Going from start to finish on a big project shouldn’t be more stressful than it has to. The logistics of an event, DIY project, home renovation or demolition project are daunting. That’s why Tricounty Dumpster’s committed to taking care of your refuse needs without causing a giant headache.

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