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Residential Dumpster Rental

Our Driveway Friendly Rubber Tired Dumpsters Are #1 Choice For Most Home Projects in Holly!

Home is your kingdom, and when you’ve chosen the home of the Michigan Renaissance Festival as your domain, you need to own your castle and any big renovation projects it requires.

Your house should be a place where you can live happily after a long day of work, play, or adventure. When you have a DIY project coming up, the logistics can turn your home from a sanctuary to a dungeon of overwhelm.  Where are you going to put what you’ve finished a giant DIY or restoration project, replaced your furniture, or tackled another big project?

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s where you live, work, and play. So when you have a big project, renovation, or move on the horizon, it can be overwhelming.

Rubber wheeled dumpsterWhat you’re tossing during your project has to go somewhere, and it can’t be a blight on your neighborhood in the process. You need a place to store your garbage, a place that can go where you need it to and won’t wreck your driveway or lawn while it’s there.

From choosing the right container to placement and scheduling drop-off and pickup, Tricounty Dumpster is there to aid you in your quest to retake your home, your castle, from chaos and logistical nightmares.

Experienced Advisors

Tricounty Dumpster will be there to help you every step of the way, from unit size to placement, to make your project easier. We assess the ideal location to park your dumpster while renting it in order to make it most useful for you.

We understand there’s no such thing as a typical home renovation job. Demolitions aren’t the same as repairs. Changing your furniture isn’t necessarily the same as a big move. And clearing your possessions might be a distinct endeavor from one move to the next. That’s why, when you need a dumpster for any of your project needs, Tricounty Dumpster is there with a variety of solutions to meet your needs.


Our rubber-tired dumpsters won’t damage your driveway, as other types of dumpster rentals might over time, costing you more money. When we place your container, we make sure it’s in the best possible location for you to slay your residential project.

Dumpster rentals, prefect for Holly Living

Whether you chose to make Holly, MI, your home for its beautiful scenery or because of its proximity to the Michigan Renaissance Festival and other outdoor fun, we’re there to advise and aid the people who call tis beautiful city their home. Call on us if you need to complete the quest to turn your house into a home again!

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